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An Informative Issue

Congratulations on an excellent issue (September 2005). I have always read this superior publication with great interest both as a community member and a contributing board member …. The master plan illustration and commentary is most enlightening. The article on the class of ’09 speaks volumes for the quality of the Johns Hopkins medical program. The letter [on the “Best of the Best” thank-you gift] (“Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!”) shows your fairness in promoting a forum for expression and opinion.

George B. Hankins
Harriett Lane board

Thank-You Gift

Although empathetic, I was disappointed that my colleague did not strive to find the higher ground intellectually with respect to compensation for exemplary service as a Hopkins employee. Sure the cheap license plate frame (“Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!”, September) won’t turn any heads, but our employee compensation is multifaceted. We are exposed to persons from vast cultural backgrounds and a plethora of highly educated individuals. Pay may not be as good as in industry or government, but we sleep well at the end of the day knowing that we have made a difference.

M. Reynolds
Research tech, Pathology

You wouldn’t believe the amount of e-mails and telephone calls I’ve received congratulating me on my letter to the editor. And mostly from people I have never heard of. Go figure!

Kate Jakobsen
Author of “Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!



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