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“Topics” Turns 50

In 1955, Philip Tumulty, first internal medicine director, invited practitioners from all around to come and learn about the latest findings from his faculty—and enjoy their collegiality. That was the impetus behind Tumulty Topics in Clinical Medicine, now Hopkins’ longest-running continuing medical education course.

Hundreds of physicians from all over the world will attend the series May 2–6 to hear dozens of faculty present summaries of advances in internal medicine and take part in “meet the professor” sessions. On this golden anniversary, retrospectives of the last half-century in cardiology, oncology and infectious diseases will be presented by our own experts plus a few invited luminaries; important historical aspects, will be illustrated with actual patients.

Referral Directory

Now available: the JHM Directory of Consultation and Referral Services for Physicians. This overview of services offered by faculty specialists is geared to referring physicians in central Maryland and beyond. It is continually updated online ( Copies can be ordered by physicians through the site or the new office of Referring Physician Services (410-502-2737 or 800-759-7734).

Nichols Sways Annapolis

When Governor Ehrlich signed the Energy Assistance Program Act into law last month, it was a major victory for David Nichols. The attending physician in the pediatric intensive care unit had submitted testimony before the Senate Finance Committee in support of adding households with children to those eligible for emergency energy funds. “I’ve been deeply disturbed by the suffering of children who have been horribly burned in fires that result from power disconnection or lack of fuel,” Nichols said. After treating several in the PICU, he organized a task force that met with utility company reps and Public Service Commission leaders to help reduce the use of unsafe, alternative heat sources. Now the bill, as amended, adds households with children to the list of groups eligible for an emergency fund to help pay energy bills.




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