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East Baltimore Clinic

East Baltimore residents with no health insurance now can avail themselves of a free primary care clinic staffed by Hopkins doctors, nurses, medical and nursing students and other volunteers. Spanish translators are available. Supported by an unrestricted grant from Pfizer, the clinic was established by the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute. Info: Clinic for the Uninsured, 620 N. Caroline St. Open Tuesdays, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Appointments preferred: 1-866-545-CARE (2273).

Tsunami Aid

Among the faculty, staff and students throughout JHM responding with support to the crisis in South Asia are Audrey Rutkowski, Emily Seay and Brian Wahl, all ED nurses at Bayview. On Jan. 5, they joined a four-week relief mission in Indonesia to aid tsunami victims. Each of the nurses is on a team consisting of a physician, R.N. and water specialist, and the teams are working in separate areas, reports Joanne Renjel, Bayview ED acting patient care manager.

McClellan Lecture

Mark McClellan, director of the federal agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid and a former FDA commissioner, delivered a Special Dean’s Lecture to a standing-room-only crowd in Hurd Hall Dec. 13. In a wide-ranging talk, McClellan, an internist and health-care economist, discussed Medicare transformations that could lead to more cost-effective medicine.

GED Prep

Earning a GED can open doors to training opportunities and job growth. Call us to have your skills assessed for proper job placement. You could qualify for release time while you take classes. GED classes, offered through the Skills Enhancement Program under the auspices of Project REACH, begin in February. Info: Barbara Edwards, 410-614-0273.

NPR Puzzle Winner

Name a classic actor with a last name of six letters. Drop the final letter, move the first two letters to the end. You’ll have the five-letter name of a classic actress. Who are these people? That was the “Challenge” posed on NPR’s Dec. 5 Weekend Edition, and who but our own GCRC administrator Gerry Stacy came up with the correct answer: Humphrey BOGART and Greta GARBO.

“It was the first time I’d ever gotten the answer and the first time I’d sent in a response,” says Stacy, who listens in while driving to D.C. on Sundays to sing at the National Cathedral. Stacy’s win allowed him to play a word game on the air the following week with “puzzle master” Will Shortz, New York Times’ crossword editor. “It was terrifying,” says Stacy, recalling the 15 minutes he spent in his office behind a closed door, taping the show, trying (successfully) to match wits with Shortz. For his efforts, he received Scrabble, a crossword book, a dictionary and a renewed interest in word games. “I’ve already sent in another correct answer.”



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