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Conjoined Twins

Although the article on separating the conjoined twins [“Teamwork Times Two,” October] is well written, some important variables seem to have been overlooked. In your sampling of the “people touched by the procedure,” I was disturbed to discover that not one single member of the Core Lab staff was mentioned. While it appears that you were grasping for possible links to anyone connected to the procedure, regardless of how distant and exaggerated the link may be, it seems insulting that lab techs were not mentioned. Members of the critical care lab staff, chemists and hematologists were constantly involved during the procedure and were on highest alert for any samples from the twins.

Ben Orsburn
Core Lab Chemistry Technician

The Problem of Meetings

At JHCP, we have 15 geographically distinct locations around the state. Most people would need more than 15 minutes to get to the next meeting [“Cutting Down Meetings to Size,” November] in our organization! Some solutions we tried: Several years ago we assigned some committees to meet on a quarterly basis, rather than monthly. The agendas are tightly scheduled, but meetings are very productive. Also we are enjoying success using WebEx, a live interactive Web-conferencing program. For example, in August I conducted one of the quarterly meetings of our Clinical Care Committee for Support Staff using WebEx. Seven members were able to successfully sign-on from their own computers and participate without leaving their desks. Documents that needed to be examined and discussed were placed on-screen. We also use WebEx for educational programs for physicians and other staff.

Joan Kramer, Ph.D., R.N., C.I.C.
Staff Development Manager
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians



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