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HopkinsOne Gets Real

The major initiative designed to transform financial and administrative systems throughout all of Johns Hopkins is fast approaching. HopkinsOne, a four-year project designed to simplify and standardize financial and administrative functions across Johns Hopkins University, the Johns Hopkins Health System and Johns Hopkins Medicine, will improve service, compliance and productivity.

The system will implement software from SAP, a major software supplier. Some of the largest companies in the world—Disney, Black and Decker, and McCormick among them—are using SAP software, and Johns Hopkins is not unlike these organizations in how its transactions are processed.

Beginning in July 2006, HopkinsOne will replace most of the existing finance, human resources, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, materials management, and pre- and post-award research administration systems. “HopkinsOne will make access to information easy, flexible, intuitive and secure,” says Fred Puddester, JHU’s executive director of budget and financial planning. “This system should significantly reduce the amount of paperwork and effort needed to complete everyday tasks.” Says Claro Pio Roda, director of finance for Johns Hopkins International: “It will improve our overall productivity with business and administrative functions that are modern, up-to-date, and more in line with our competitors.”

How will things be different with HopkinsOne? Here are the answers to questions people are asking now:

Dear HopkinsOne,

Please explain to me why Johns Hopkins is spending so much time and money to replace our financial and administrative systems? What’s the benefit?

—Cynical Clinician

Dear Cynical,

Johns Hopkins is a leader in many fields, but business administration is not one of them. Our operations currently rely on antiquated administrative and financial systems, and that limits our ability to improve service, compliance and productivity. To address this problem, we decided to pursue a Web-based system in which data is entered once—and only once—because it is housed in a single environment. Over time, Johns Hopkins should see gains in productivity and customer service.

Dear HopkinsOne,

When I order the equipment my clinicians need, the procurement process is agonizing. The paperwork trail falls into a “black hole” and goes through so many stages and hand-offs on multiple campuses that it’s weeks before Purchasing actually orders the item. Meanwhile, way too much of my time is spent tracking it down.

—Weary Requisitioner

Dear Weary,

With HopkinsOne, all purchase requests will be automatically and electronically routed. You will be able to establish time frames within which to get your approvals. If the approvals are late, the requests will be automatically routed to someone else whom you have designated. Plus, you’ll be able to track the requisition.

Dear HopkinsOne,

We want to more efficiently track our construction projects, from initiation to closeout and including budget, proposals and contracts, purchase orders, change orders, invoices and reports. We also want to pinpoint where each project is in terms of cost and phases. Can HopkinsOne help?

—Frustrated in Facilities

Dear Frustrated,

Yes, HopkinsOne can help! Project accounting will be streamlined to include project structure and master data, budgeting, posting of commitments and actuals, and automated settlement of expense and capital transactions.

Dear HopkinsOne,

It appears that my job does not involve any of the business areas covered by HopkinsOne. Does that mean that I won’t have to use the new system? If not, why should I care?

—Confused in the Cafeteria

Dear Confused,

HopkinsOne is expected to touch almost everyone. You may not be directly affected, but you will probably use some of the software/business functions of HopkinsOne when you, say, select your health care benefits electronically. Administrators, managers, supervisors and others will have access to accurate, timely information. Ultimately, that will have an impact on the job you perform.

—Anne Bennett Swingle

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