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Of Med Students and meme

Published with permission from the artist.
Class of ’08
An Ironman Triathlete competitor and a financial analyst from Goldman Sachs are among the 120 members of the School of Medicine’s incoming class. Women make up 53 percent of the class; minorities, 10 percent. Of the 68 colleges and universities represented, the schools with the largest number of matriculants are JHU (13), Stanford (nine), Yale (seven) and Harvard and MIT (five each). Students hail from 36 different states—topped by California (17), Maryland (13) and New York (12)—and two foreign countries, Canada and Kenya. Their ages range from 19 to 31, with an average age of 22.

Med Mag
Medical students have produced a new literary magazine called meme, which made its official debut in June. By turns witty, irreverent and evocative—ever brainy—this little gem features short fiction, essays, poetry, art and photography by more than two dozen med-student contributors. Editors Felicia Chow and Lydia Gedmintas, both SOM ’06, explain in an introductory note that the journal’s title, meme (rhymes with “dream”) was coined by biologist Richard Dawkins in his controversial book, The Selfish Gene. It “refers to units of cultural information that spread through a population, much like genes pass through a species.”

meme is published by the Office of Cultural Affairs. To get a copy, contact Shannon Dunn, Cultural Affairs (410-955-3363). To see meme online, go to At right, a sample of what’s inside.



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