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Here We Go Again
Will we be, for the 14th consecutive year, the “best of the best” in U.S. News & World Report’s soon-to-be-released ranking of the nation’s hospitals? MORE

Building Diversity
The Vivien Thomas Fund, honoring the African-American surgical technician who contributed to the development of the “blue baby” operation, has been established to increase diversity in the School of Medicine.MORE

Conjoined Twins
Lea and Tabea Block, 9-month-old conjoined twins from Lemgo, Germany, underwent preliminary surgery to begin their separation. MORE

The Power of One
How a nurse's hunch led to a new level of safety for patients nationwide

When faced with a medical mystery that could potentially harm her patients, nurse Diane Iverson didn't just expose the problem. She solved it.

Two years ago, a sprinkling of patients in the Outpatient Center’s urology clinic began experiencing unpleasant reactions after they came in for endoscopic procedures. Most clinicians involved assumed that a few odd symptoms here and there—hives, tightness in the chest—were simply isolated events connected to the patients’ anxiety about having their bladders examined for tumors.

Diane Iverson could have made the same assumption. But the veteran nurse had a nagging suspicion that ate away at her and compelled her to speak up. As the reactions became more frequent and serious—landing some patients in the emergency department—Iverson relentlessly followed a trail that would lead her to the source of the mysterious reactions. Little did she know that her pursuit would involve a leading medical product manufacturer and help put an end to a national problem. MORE

Stimulating Science
Core technologies in the High Throughput Biology Center are open to all Hopkins investigators. MORE

Christine Gedansky
This administrative assistant keeps on her toes. MORE

Rose Mech
This veteran telephone operator has heard it all. MORE
Residents to the Rescue
Quick-thinking saves Geoff Boyd when his heart fails. MORE


Master Plan
Approved in June, construction has already begun. MORE


We open the mailbag to see what our readers really think.


Live, From Baltimore...
It's the Children's Miracle Network Telethon! MORE

Residents Arrive
New improvements welcome 175 new interns and residents. MORE

All About Bayview
"The Bayview Book" rolls off the presses July 2. MORE


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