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Johns Hopkins Medicine's "shining stars" get ready to sparkle

Shining Stars: seated, from left, Karen Manley, Ellen Deklau, Mildred Knight, Betty Zornak, Gloria Duncan. Standing, from left, Christine Maly, Rosevelt Douglass, Deborah Brown, Rosalind Evans, Joel Christensen.

Practically every day, testimonials come in from patients and families extolling Johns Hopkins Medicine employees, both clinical and non-clinical, who have gone the extra mile to deliver excellent service. Here are some examples:

• A food service worker in the main cafeteria at The Johns Hopkins Hospital noticed a customer agonizing over food choices. The employee helped the woman, a cancer patient on a restricted diet, put together a proper meal. A few days later, the patient, having just received some bad news from her doctor, reappeared in the cafeteria. The employee spent her break consoling her. Later, the patient called to say, “I am a nurse with over 30 years’ experience. Besides nurses and other clinicians, I haven’t met many people who work at a hospital who have such compassion and commitment to patients.”

• A boy with a broken arm was brought to Howard County General Hospital. The boy’s father was so grateful for the service his son received, he sent a thank-you note to the hospital’s president: “Each staff member was professional, courteous, concerned and quick.”

• Patients and staff in Bayview’s Rehabilitation Department were cheered by a physical therapist who brought in a little sunshine (sunflower seeds, Sunkist oranges, etc.) to brighten some dark, winter days and homemade, hand-shaped sugar cookies to celebrate National Hand Therapy Week.

• For 10 years, her granddaughter has been a cystic fibrosis patient of the Johns Hopkins Home Care Group. The foresight, punctuality, and attention to detail and safety with which this organization has handled the case, the grandmother said, has been extraordinary. “Everyone we’ve talked with has been nice. They care!”

This month, Johns Hopkins Medicine honors 10 “shining stars” at the annual Service Excellence Leadership Breakfast (see box). These employees have helped deliver better, safer care for patients and brighten the work environment for colleagues:

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Rosevelt Douglass, transport aide, radiology, was taking a patient back to his room when the patient vomited. Characteristically, Douglass showed kindness and humaneness by helping the patient wipe his mouth and clean up.

Karen Manley, occupational therapist/certified hand therapist, had an elderly patient with a history of falls who had walked alone to the hospital from her home near Patterson Park. Manley arranged for transportation for subsequent visits.

School of Medicine

Mildred Knight, lead certified medical assistant, Green Spring Station, filled in simultaneously for two nurse coordinators and, without being asked, made the requisite decisions that kept two busy clinics running smoothly.

Betty Zornak, customer service representative, Core Services, won a $50 gift certificate for perfect attendance and later donated it to Physicians Billing Services’ food bank drive.

JH Bayview Medical Center

Gloria Duncan, patient care technician, took care of a co-worker’s 4-month-old baby for two days when the co-worker, was admitted to JHBMC for a burn injury.

Christine Maly, senior rehabilitation therapist, was driving through the neighborhood when she noticed a co-worker running down the road with hair, literally, on fire. Maly reached into her gym bag, pulled out some clothes and began extinguishing the fire. She called 911 and waited with the victim until the ambulance arrived.

Howard County General Hospital

Joel Christensen, CVRT technician, consistently builds a connection with patients by noticing emotional needs, conveying empathy and making diagnostic imaging a positive experience.

Ellen Deklau, staff accountant, has been described by internal customers as a “true team player” who goes above and beyond to research problems.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare

Rosalind Evans, outreach coordinator, was an inspiration at JHHC’s first diabetic education workshop, held at the Beans and Bread Outreach Center, a homeless shelter. Participants said they learned more dietary hints from Evans than they had from their doctors.

Johns Hopkins Home Care Group

Deborah Brown, senior home care clinician/respiratory therapist, Pharmaquip, continues to lead the RT team into uncharted waters with professionalism and unmatched enthusiasm for patients


Service Excellence Week

May 11
All-Employee Breakfast Treat: Broadway Corridor/JHOC Staff elevators, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. (Check with your affiliate for the date and time of your event.)
Seventh Annual Service Excellence Symposium I: John Larson, strategic analyst and vice president of Lieberman Research Worldwide, on building patient safety, satisfaction and loyalty. Alumni Auditorium, SON, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

May 12
JHM Service Excellence Leadership Breakfast (invitation only): Shining Stars honored. Turner Auditorium, 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.
Service Excellence Symposium II: John Larson, joined by Thom Mayer, president of Emergency Physicians of Northern Virginia, on service excellence survival skills in a safe clinical setting. Turner Auditorium, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.



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