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The Difference a Decade Makes
Thanks to Joe Coppola, a stroll on campus is now a walk in the park

There was a time not long ago when medical students thought twice about doing their residencies at Hopkins. The campus simply was not considered safe. But one man has changed all that.

Joe Coppola, vice president of corporate security, who joined Hopkins 10 years ago this month, has transformed a crime-ridden, inner-city medical campus into a secure oasis that spreads well beyond its borders. His all-encompassing, high-tech program—now emulated by other urban academic medical centers—has slashed robberies from 23 in 1993 to the current low of zero. Likewise, campus thefts have plummeted, from more than 700 a year to less than 200.


Joe Coppola
Joe Coppola, Corporate Security VP, built an army against crime from the ground up.


The Big Squeeze
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In Israel, on a Mission
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A Winning Combination:
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Marathon Medicine
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Personal Jesus
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Best Medicine
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Here's the Rub
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