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Here's the Rub

It’s back. How can I ever forget that glorious morning in January when the news floated across the Intranet: The University would once again be offering, after a near two-year hiatus, seated massage therapy.

It was thus in the dead of winter that I picked my way across the frozen tundra to Phipps, where, in a room on the third floor (OK, Elizabeth Arden it’s not), Leeann, a licensed massage therapist, awaited. The room was bare but for the massage chair. The light was low but not too low. Emanating from somewhere (OK, there was a boom box there, too) were the soothing strains of classical music. I did not have to disrobe, Leeann informed me. Better yet, I actually managed to position myself on the massage chair without a disgraceful calamity.

Soon I was face down, at a 45 degree angle to the floor. That’s when Leeann got to work.

Right there. That feels gooood. Aaaah. The tension in my shoulders, hunched over a computer just minutes ago, dissolved. And my poor hands, curved permanently, I fear, after too many years at the keyboard, were pulled and stretched and rubbed and squeezed. The icy winter weather, even the walls of Phipps 351, seemed to melt away. Then: rapid taps up and down my spine, “tapotement,” Leeann called it. All too soon, she brought me back to reality.

After just 15 minutes, my massage was over. Leeann’s next client appeared; I paid the bill. Then, I fairly skated back to the office.


The Details

Seated Massage Therapy: A benefit for University faculty and staff, offered by the Office of Benefits Administration in conjunction with Occupational Health Services. (JHH employees can contact Wellnet, Phipps 409, 410-955-9538).

Where: Phipps, room 351. In-office massages for 12 or more can be arranged.

When: Wednesdays, 11 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Appointments made and confirmed by e-mail.

Cost: $10. Payment (cash or check) at time of massage. Gift certificates available.




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