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Christ Statue and the Dome

After almost 21 years with Johns Hopkins University, I still feel a sense of pride when I see the Hopkins dome and when I pass by the statue of Christ the Healer located beneath it. Your December issue spotlights both of these important representations of our most prestigious institution [“A Provocative Icon,” “Ringing Out the Old Year”]. Max Boam has done a wonderful job with his pictures of the dome taken during each of the 12 months. No matter the season, the Hopkins mission of research, teaching and patient care is represented eloquently by that massive dome.

And although Hopkins was founded as a nonsectarian institution, the physician as healer is accurately reflected in the beautiful marble statue that symbolizes the faith and hope of our patients in the work performed within the hallowed walls of Johns Hopkins.

Barbara A. Nizer-Marburger
Director, A/R operations, JHU Clinical Practice Association

From an aesthetic point of view, the Christ statue is a beautiful piece of artwork. It does seem ironic, though, that it occupies the dome. Johns Hopkins intended this hospital to be a place free from religious persuasion, where all feel welcome. He wanted all to feel that they could get safe, competent care regardless of their race, creed, color or religious affiliation. The statue does bring comfort to many, I don’t argue that. My concern is that it holds this very progressive institution back a few centuries regarding respect for others’ belief systems.

Sharon Praissman, R.N., Nelson 6


Moore Clinic

Thank you for your lovely article on the Moore Clinic, Wesla and Gloria [December]. We brought a bunch of copies into our waiting room, as well as posted it for all to see. A number of patients have learned about the Moore Clinic in the early days from reading your article. It's just been fabulous!

Heather Campbell, Moore Clinic Coordinator

Your article really grabbed the personality of that clinic and its un-Hopkins ambience.

John Bartlett, Director, Infectious Diseases

No More Negative Press!

I am a patient of Johns Hopkins, and I am outraged at all the negative press your wonderful hospital has been getting lately. We need to hear about the good things you do. The hard work, endless hours, the thousands of miracles your hospital performs 24/7, 365 days a year. Every person in this world makes mistakes; we need to dwell on the positive things, not the constant negative news. Johns Hopkins is, and always will be, the best of the best! I am so lucky to live 25 miles from the finest medical community in the world.

Cindy Franklin, Maryland

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