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Cancer Clinical Trials

The Kimmel Cancer Center is launching a new database designed to make information on clinical trials easily accessible to staff, cancer patients and the public at large. With the database, people will be able to find out what types of trials are being conducted through Hopkins, eligibility criteria and more. A newly appointed “cancer information specialist” will be available to answer questions. The database and more involving cancer clinical trials will be introduced Feb. 23–27 with a series of talks and demonstrations in Weinberg.

ACGME, continued

The expedited, institution-wide site visit by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, which had been moved up to Feb. 3 after Hopkins was cited for violating restrictions on residents’ work hours, now has been moved back to May or June. Last summer, ACGME made clear its intent to decertify the internal medicine program, the University’s largest with 106 residents. In the fall, it granted the program probationary status, then lifted probation in December and awarded full accreditation. The recent postponement, said Dean Edward Miller, signals ACGME’s “growing confidence in our program.”

Just Published

Governance of Teaching Hospitals: Turmoil at Penn and Hopkins (JHU Press, $55), by John Kastor, a University of Maryland cardiologist and one-time chairman of medicine there, explores the transformations in organization and governance that took place in the last decade here and at the University of Pennsylvania. The book is available at Matthews JH Medical Book Center. Back from the Brink, by Edward Sylvester (University of Chicago Press, $25) takes a look inside the neuro critical care units at Hopkins Hospital and Columbia’s New York Presbyterian.

Habits of Caring

What’s this? Your manager is telling you to mind your manners? Be present and positive? Don’t take it too personally. It’s all part of a recently launched Service Excellence campaign called Care & Concern, designed to reinforce good habits through a series of catch phrases managers present to their staffs each month. Do, however, take it seriously. Service Excellence remains a top priority throughout Johns Hopkins Medicine. That’s because excellent service makes for satisfied patients. So, “Just Do It!”

House Staff for Habitat

Kami Yang, anesthesiology resident.

A group of residents spent a Saturday in December rehabbing two West Baltimore row houses for Sandtown Habitat for Humanity. The event was organized by psychiatry resident Jess Fiedorowicz and the House Staff Council, which made a donation to the project.



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