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The Welch Unwired
Wireless access to the Internet and the Hopkins network now is available at the Welch Medical Library on the second and third floors and in all book stacks areas. It is also up and running at other Welch facilities, including the Greenhouse, the OAC Lab at PCTB, Meyer Library, and the Nursing Information Resource Center at the SON. MORE

Your Health Plan's New Math
In what is said to be the fifth consecutive year of double-digit increases in health care costs, people everywhere are opening their benefits enrollment packages this fall and finding a few bitter pills inside. Hopkins employees are no exception. MORE

Nobel Prize Glory

Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate.


In October, Peter Agre, a professor of biological chemistry and medicine at the School of Medicine, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Agre shares the prize with Roderick MacKinnon, a scientist with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the Rockefeller University in New York City. The two were honored for studies of tiny transportation tunnels in cell walls, work that contributes to fundamental chemical knowledge on how cells function, according to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the group that confers the awards.

“They have opened our eyes to a fantastic family of molecular machines: channels, gates and valves, all of which are needed for the cell to function. Agre received word of the momentous honor on Oct. 8. That morning, when Agre’s wife called his mother with the news he had won the world’s most prestigious prize in science, his mother said, “Oh, that’s very good, but don’t let it go to his head.” MORE in DOME's Centerpiece


Are We Happy Yet?
Employee Satisfaction Survey scores rise across the board. MORE

Travel Aid
Uneasy about an upcoming trip abroad? The Travel Medicine Consultation Service has the tools you need to make your journey safe. MORE

Beating the Big Bad Bugs
Hopkins’ pool of IT brains battle to stay one step ahead of computer virus attacks. MORE


The Long and Short of It
An effort to reduce length of stay is underway throughout Hopkins Hospital, and so far, the results have been remarkable. MORE


A Day Like No Other
As the news spread like wildfire, the young scientists in Physiology 413 got the "prize-winning" party started. MORE


Eminently Clickable
JHM's Web site re-debuted late last month with a new look and feel. MORE


Enterprising Techs
Breast Imaging techs raise money for Breast Center through raffle. MORE

Help a Child
Volunteers wanted to mentor local elementary school students. MORE

Firemen's Memorial
Surgeon and founding director of Bayview's Baltimore Regional Burn Center, Andrew M. Munster remembered. MORE


Helen B. Taussig
A pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease is honored. MORE


A Heart Full of Thanks
A grateful patient preaches the gospel of lifestyle changes to fellow parishioners. MORE

Broadway Overlook
New community of townhouses and apartments attracting students and professionals alike.


A Watchful Eye on Workplace Safety
With Ed Bernacki’s up-front approach, employees can feel confident they’re in the right hands. MORE

Pam Bollinger
This MICU nurse manager makes sure she brings a little nature into her spare time. MORE


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