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The Dome

The Dome
Such majesty there is in the wrought iron lace work,
betwixt the chimneys
arising from the slated rooftop.

This classical dome-rising high above-
a monument to another time,
another place,
stands out
and fills me with gratitude
for the insight and fortitude of
those pioneers so long ago
who dreamt of care for all
and devoted their lives to recreate their dreams.

This dome that stands so stately and proud,
despite the squalor that surrounds,
signifies the hope of many
who travel from the four corners of the earth
and the love and commitment of those
who have sacrificed their lives therein
in the dedicated service for their fellow man.

Thank you.
-Alana Weir (Nicholas' mum)*
Aug. 22, 2003

*Alana Weir and her son Nicholas traveled to Hopkins from their home in Sydney, Australia, and spent several months here while Nicholas was being treated. The view of the dome from Nicholas' window in the Children's Center inspired Alana to write this poem.



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