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Quadriplegic Physician

Wow! What an impressive article (“Superman, M.D.,” February 2005). It is beautifully written about a beautiful person. Reading the article brought back memories. I was on the Halsted 3 rehab unit and those dedicated people made it possible for me to roll over in bed, get dressed, stand up and walk. You can imagine the fear when all you can move is you head and arms ... the joy when you can stand for one second. Your article celebrates these unsung heroes who cheer their patients on—especially this very impressive man.

Patricia Barget
Co-Chair, Patient Committee

Comprehensive Transplant Center

Thank you kindly for such a very nicely written article on my story (“Superman, M.D.,” February 2005). I have had so many e-mail messages, phone calls from people I do not even know, and random people approaching me every time I roam through the hallways at Hopkins, Good Sam and Bayview, asking me various questions and for autographs on their copies of Dome. Patients and family members have asked the department office for rehab consults done specifically by me personally. A professor who read about me asked me to speak at a conference. I can’t recall ever having this kind of attention, even when I was at my peak training as a gymnast. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride.

S.B. Lee
Chief Resident
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Johns Hopkins’ Desk

Recently I was sent a copy of Dome in which the article on Johns Hopkins’ desk (“A Puzzling Provenance,” December 2004) caught my attention, as I have (or have recently given my son, who lives across the street) a desk belonging to Johns Hopkins. It has descended in the family, as his sister was married to my great-great-grandfather, Miles White, and his niece was my great grandmother, Mrs. Francis White. It is tall with long, tall cubbies for ledgers. For many years it was at Clifton until a brick from the chimney perforated it from top to bottom. We do treasure it. This would have been a piece from his home, not the bank.

Elizabeth W. Glascock
Atherton, Calif.




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