HIPAA's privacy regulations take effect on April 14.
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Wanted: Volunteers for a Vaccination
ED physician Christina Catlett tells why she will soon be rolling up a sleeve for the smallpox inoculation.
It's been more than a month since JHM's Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR) announced its plan for vaccinating a core group of health care workers against an old enemy, smallpox. Now, the call for volunteers has gone out to functional units throughout the three Hopkins hospitals.

Potentially, as many as 250 from Hopkins Hospital, 175 from Bayview, and 100 from Howard Country General could be vaccinated over six to nine months. Among these first responders will be doctors and nurses, techs and therapists, housekeepers and laboratory workers-in short, anyone who routinely comes into contact with patients. As part of CEPAR's "go slow" plan, they will be inoculated in small groups, at a rate of about five to 10 a week, to insure safety for the volunteers and patients.


"It may be a small step in alleviating the distress, but it's a step. It can take away at least one ring of fear."

Christina Catlett in the Emergency Department


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