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In the November 2002 issue there was a brief article ["Discovered at a United Way Agency: Two New Hires"] on two Civic Works graduates who are now members of the Hopkins security force. Overall, the article reflected our current relationship with Hopkins Security (referring potential candidates for hire). However, in paragraph two there is a sentence that states, "Corps members typically are high school dropouts who have had scrapes with the law." While it is true that many of our members fit this description (roughly 25 percent), it is hardly typical. In addition, the two young ladies featured in the article were neither high school dropouts nor had any criminal record while in our program. As Civic Works' media relations coordinator, I am concerned that the appropriate image of our organization is portrayed. But more importantly, I felt the need to point out that two Hopkins employees are now by association labeled as dropouts with records.

Rebecca Rienzi

Dome regrets the unintended implication.



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