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Reading the story in the October issue on Dale Keel ["From the Ground Up"], I had one of those rare moments where I was overwhelmed with amazing feelings. A number of months ago, when I spotted Dale at Hopkins with an ID badge on, I almost "keeled" over! I first met him at the First Step Day Hospital, and I had one of those "wow-its all worth it" moments! Then I read in the Dome that [Cardiac Care Unit Nurse Manager] Karen Davis spotted him and requested his services on her unit. Karen went way out of her way to help me when I first got here in 1995; I was (it was such a privilege) able to help Dale; Dale started working here; and Karen has been totally instrumental in affirming Dale here at Hopkins. What a neat circle!

Laura K. Knab, M.S.W., LCSW-C
Project Administrator
Johns Hopkins Health System
Office of Community Health



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