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I could relate to your recent piece about Dr. Norman Anderson ["Hopkins Diary," Sept. 2002]. The loss of Dr. Anderson has been staggering to me and my family. For the last 20 years, he had our full trust and confidence. We always knew the right thing to do or not do. He guided my mother and me through her last difficult days and eventual death. He was doing the same for my father, who has now entered his final days.

I visited Norm in Weinberg during one of his last admissions. His first question to me was about my father. He gave me some advice and, once he felt Dad's issues were addressed, settled down to an hour-plus chat full of gossip and lots of opinions. How he loved this place, and how little patience he had for administrative nonsense.
Norm Anderson was the most brilliant diagnostician, the most caring physician, and the most wonderful man (second only to my father) I have ever had the honor to meet. I miss him terribly.

Patricia Davis
Office of Planning and Marketing, JHH


"The Presence of Paul Corby" [Sept. 2002] was beautifully written. It filled me with sadness, yet joy that the human race is still peppered with love, devotion, dedication, loyalty and bravery. I hope this story touches many lives and gives those families in similar situations the ability to gain the strength needed to carry through their journeys.

JoAnn L. Young
Assistant to Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs
and Vice Dean
for Research
School of Medicine


Your wonderful piece on Paul Corby literally brought a tear to my eye. It also gave me a muchneeded reminder of why I chose a career in the wild and wacky world of health care 21 years ago. While day to day I fret over MCOs, financial resources, planning models, staffing, juggling special interests, etc., your poignant description of the inspiration that moves both ways between patients and care givers was a healthy reminder of how all of our efforts serve others. Congratulations on continuing to deliver a great product every month!

Paul M. Gleichauf
Vice President,
Managed Care,
Planning and Marketing
Howard County General Hospital


What a remarkable story you wrote about my nephew, Paul Corby. Paul's mother, Mary, is my sister. I think you capture Paul all the way. It was so nice to meet some of the nurses and doctors at the funeral home. I was so impressed with the way everyone came together. The number of people that Paul touched in his short life was remarkable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care that all of you gave to Paul.

Connie Bordeau
Sturgeon Bay, Wisc.



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