Bands on the Run
Wax On, Wax Off
Their work gets walked on every day, but the producers of Hopkins' floor show take it in stride.

Three things make Tina Jackson-Wallace cringe. A pailful of blue water. Anyone dragging furniture. People who think they're exempt from Newton's laws of motion.

The first two mean Wallace's day just got tougher. The third, she's seen end up in the emergency department.

Wallace is a floor tech, one of more than 200 at Hopkins Hospital alone, whose job is keeping the institution's floors not merely clean, but beautiful. To her, blue water means too much germicide, a chemical that in stronger-than-needed concentrations turns meticulously waxed and burnished floors into a gummy mess no amount of wet-mopping can cure. And merely pushing a chair, instead of picking it up and carrying it, also can undo a morning's work in seconds. - MORE

"On my floors, you're not going to see gook on the edges or raggly corners or dust bunnies behind the doors."

Tina Jackson-Wallace is the only floor tech at Hopkins Hospital who's trained to sand and refinish the hardwood floors that are exclusive to Marburg 3. Patients compliment her often, and one patient, the owner of a floor business, was so impressed with her work that he offered her a job.

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