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Practice Without Precedence
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians view terrorism as a matter of primary concern.

"It becomes a case of what can you do, of stabilizing with what you have."

The scene outside Johns Hopkins at White Marsh, July 23, at 5:30 p.m. When the Baltimore County Fire Department hazardous materials team arrived, JHCP staff thought their job was finished. In fact, they learned, it had only just begun.

J. Raymond DePaulo Jr., M.D.
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The Presence of Paul Corby
What the life of a young cancer patient meant to the staff of Weinberg 5A. MORE
The Sum of All Parts
Hopkins takes an enterprise-wide approach to planning for disasters no one believed in a year ago. MORE

Systems of Survival
Disaster plans are nothing new. What's changed is the definition of disaster. MORE

Building Muscle
In security, an elite team has been created to respond to everything from trespassers to biochemical attacks. MORE
Mora Babies
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Honoring the unsung heroes
See the awardees of this year's Employee Awards Ceremony. MORE

Dear Diary
Reflections on a physician who engaged his patients as friends. MORE


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