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Clinical Services
Hopkins assisted a military hospital in the United Arab Emirates to build the clinical structure for its clinical departments, including oncology, Ob-Gyn and neurology. Among other clinical services, Hopkins has also assisted a hospital in Dubai.

Architectural and Engineering Design
Hopkins has reviewed plans and made recommendations for hospitals in countries such as Turkey and Panama.

Major Medical Equipment and Technology Evaluation
Hopkins experts on purchasing and leasing of medical equipment advised the client institution on which options would best fit their needs.

Human Resources
Hopkins has helped several hospitals enhance their human resources program, including organizational development policies and procedures, job descriptions and salary structures. These arrangements have included on-site consultations.

Infection Control
Hopkins' infection control team, led by Hopkins Hospital's Trish Perl, has completed infection control reviews of several institutions, including King Faisal Hospital and Research Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Laboratory Consulting Services
Hopkins pathologists and microbiologists have collaborated in the review and management of lab services in several large hospitals around the world, including Brazil, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Performance Improvement
Staff from Hopkins Hospital's performance improvement department, including director Dan Wassilchalk, have helped several international institutions, including a major private hospital in Bogota, Colombia, improve their quality of care by focusing on efficiency and resource allocation.

In 1998, when Johns Hopkins Medicine announced a joint venture with the Singapore government to develop a center of excellence in this Southeast Asian country, a new chapter in the international history of Johns Hopkins began. Since then, Johns Hopkins International has led efforts to exchange knowledge and expertise with dozens of global partners.

"Being the number-one ranked hospital in the U.S. would be meaningless if we could not share our knowledge with the world and help to improve healthcare systems everywhere," explains Steve Thompson, CEO of Johns Hopkins International. "What we've found is that not only do we contribute to improving the quality of life of people in distant places, but the special challenges they face continuously teach us how to be more flexible and creative in the work we do here."

Among the international exchanges are consulting projects in which Hopkins researchers, clinicians, administrators, nurses and others travel to the hosting institution or welcome visitors to the East Baltimore campus. They advise their colleagues on such topics as clinical service development, international joint commission accreditation, infection control reviews, quality assurance, and more. "One thing that makes our approach unique," says Thompson, "is that we can offer consulting services from the managers and physicians who themselves deal with the same issue on a daily basis.

Johns Hopkins International's projects team also coordinates training on the latest medical procedures through on-site programs and continuing medical education courses held in Baltimore or via video conference. For example, Hopkins radiologists, nurses and technicians teach health care professionals from hospitals around the world how to perform minimally invasive procedures. In Panama, what began as a consulting project has given birth to an affiliation agreement with Hospital Punta Pacifica that will offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical care to patients in the region, as well as educational and training opportunities for those who care for them.

"Our goal," says Thompson, is to establish relationships with leading international institutions through a long-term partnership that will yield more efficient and compassionate health care for all."

-Clara Marin and Emilio Williams



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