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The Mail, the Man, the Mentor
At his post. While Rod Toney goes about quietly doing his job, a few people have noticed how well he nurtures young people.

There are hundreds of people throughout Hopkins Medicine who attend professional meetings. Most of the conferences are, to be sure, medical. But there also is a thriving sub- culture of employees at whose annual gatherings there's nary a mention of diabetes, depression or risk management. For them, the Johns Hopkins name can still pack a powerful punch.

Rod Toney is a man with a slight build who toils in the basement of the 2024 Building. His office has a minuscule window high up near the ceiling that's protected with iron bars. Even though he's spent the past 17 years working at Hopkins, he is hardly known in every circle of the hospital. But at the United States Postal Service, Toney is a minor celebrity.


"A lot of people think we're a mom-and-pop operation, but the challenges are big."

Rod Toney remains dedicated to his career in an underappreciated field. People forget the 5,000 pieces of mail they get, he says, but they always remember the one piece that didn't arrive on time.

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