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Thinkers Wanted

Admit it. You've come up with a great way to trim waste, fix a safety risk, streamline the way things run. Now, it's time to share your brainstorm. And thanks to a new Service Excellence initiative called Bright Ideas, it's easier than ever to get your solutions the consideration they deserve.

Beginning this month, look for Bright Ideas boxes located throughout Hopkins Hospital facilities, or go to to submit your suggestions. A senior management committee will review every incoming idea. Hopkins Hospital and Health System Corporation employees whose ideas are deemed most likely to succeed will be awarded a $25 gift certificate to a Hopkins-related business and publicly recognized through the Web site and other employee communications.

Calming Kids' Fear Factor

Having to undergo any medical exam or procedure gives just about everyone the jitters. When the patient is a child, the anxiety can be emotionally devastating. But for nearly 60 years, the staff of the Children's Center has included experts who understand that what kids know best-how to play-is the key to helping them get through what arguably are the scariest events of their young lives. Today, Hopkins' 15 Child Life specialists work with both inpatients and outpatients, as well as their families, in such areas as the medical, surgical and oncology units, the Emergency Department and the pediatric urology unit, teaching them what to expect and how to cope. Activities range from "rehearsing" an upcoming procedure using a doll to letting children handle medical paraphernalia they'll encounter to coming up with responses to insensitive teasing. In the toughest situation of all, Child Life specialists help prepare everyone in the family, including siblings, for an impending death.

In honor of their work, Hopkins is joining the Child Life Council, the professional association for child life specialists (, in celebrating Child Life Week, July 8-14. On the East Baltimore campus, all staff are invited to enjoy food, fun and play at an open house in Hurd Hall on July 8 from noon to 2 p.m. For more information, call the Children's Center Child Life Department, 410-955-6276.

Volunteer Opportunities at Howard County General

The newest member of Johns Hopkins Medicine is seeking volunteers in three areas. At the bedside, "halo nurses" are needed to provide companionship and emotional support to patients. For the hospital's newly created Stork Information Desk, mature men and women are in demand to run short errands, answer phones and take messages between the waiting room and the labor and delivery suite. And in the Emergency Department, there are evening and weekend openings for those who'd like to relay information to and from the waiting room and treatment areas, and offer such non-patient care as distributing ice packs or warm blankets. For details about any of these positions, call 410-740-7980.



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