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On the recent employee satisfaction survey, East Baltimore campus staff asked for more mealtime choices. Early last month, when a Subway franchise opened inside the Hopkins Hospital cafeteria, it was clear they meant what they'd said. Though the eatery opens at 10 a.m., on opening day customers began lining up at 9. By noon, the queue numbered more than 40 people who showed no sign of impatience at the 15- to 20-minute wait. And at day's end, says food and nutrition director Leo Dorsey, the Johns Hopkins Subway got a sales award for the highest volume ever recorded. The new venue, which stays open until midnight, has been especially popular with staff and visitors who want freshly prepared food after the cafeteria closes. Furthermore, the Subway hasn't over-crowded the cafeteria. "I'd say it's a hit," Dorsey reports.



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