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Following in Mom's Footsteps
Some share a profession, some don't. Some meet for lunch, others rarely see each other. Whatever the case, mothers who share their workplace with a child can't conceal their pride.

The odds wouldn't have been in Mary Rose's favor. Like most girls in the 1960s, she married young and had a family quickly. Then she got divorced, her ex-husband died suddenly six months later, and she was a very single parent with three young children.

She conjured up an ingenious plan to survive. She talked her best friend, Claire, also a single mother, into buying a house directly across the street in Bel Air and then convinced Claire to go to nursing school with her. MORE

"Remember the time we had a cat brain in the refrigerator?"

Mary Rose, Dawn Luzetsky, and Kim Meadowcoft. Rose told her daughters as children, No matter what you do, make sure you like it and make sure you're good at it.

Hopkins, At Your Service
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Forensics Is His Calling
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A Jump Start at Hopkins
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All in the Family
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You Made Your Mark
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