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• Driving Ambition

• Stethoscopes and SLRs

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More Top Rankings
For the 12th consecutive year, the School of Medicine was named one of the top two medical schools in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. Of the nation's 125 medical schools, only Harvard outscored Hopkins.

Intranet Re-launch
When Inside Hopkins Medicine went live in January 2001, the launch marked the first time faculty, staff and students could get the latest East Baltimore campus news and announcements the moment they logged on to a Hopkins computer. Since then, the Intranet is generating a half-million hits and 6,500 unique users a month-many who've shared their ideas about what else they'd like the Intranet to offer.
Blame it on the System
Mistakes happen. In the case of medical errors, finger pointing doesn't solve much. Only fixing the underlying systems will get to the root of the problem.

Peter Pronovost has his reasons for being a zealot about patient safety, and he isn't shy about sharing them. When Pronovost was in his fourth year of medical school at Johns Hopkins, his father died as the result of an error made by a hospital in New England. It colored everything-his choice of careers (critical care medicine) as well as his research interests.


We've essentially eliminated that error rate down to zero."


The force behind patient safety: Peter Pronovost.


Stethoscopes and SLRs
For Michael Klag, nature photography provides a creative outlet and a different take on the world. MORE

Tread for Life
An exercise stress test can find hidden symptoms. MORE

Don't ignore the Snore
Snoring is not necessarily normal in children. MORE

It's Who You Are, Not Where You're From
Sharonda Alston goes against the odds -- and graduates. MORE

Zerhouni Awaits Senate Confirmation Hearing
Considered a triple threat, Zerhouni continues to amaze. MORE

Rich Dessert
Systems expert Steven Mandell takes a national prize for his chocolate invention. MORE


Taking the Helm at HEBCAC
Lawrence "Chris" Cager Jr. takes charge. MORE


Sharon Estabrook
Meet this Senior occupational therapist for Hopkins Hospital. MORE

Driving Ambition
A new occupational therapy program comes to the aid of people who want to stay on the road. MORE


Whoops and Grins
School of Medicine Seniors celebrate. MORE


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