• A Shift in Practice

• A New Master Plan

• Violence in the Workplace

• Spin Doctors
Scaling Down, Weighing In
At the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center there are no gimmicks and no promises of overnight miracles. Just the tailored, well-rounded approach to dieting you've hungered for.

Joyce Parks has been a nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital for two dozen years, yet recently she's found colleagues passing her by wordlessly in the corridors. Parks doesn't fault them. Even she doesn't immediately recognize herself in photos these days.

Over the past year, she has shrunk down seven dress sizes, one shoe size, and trimmed 10 inches off her waist. Best of all, after losing 45 percent of her body weight, Parks has shed her medical problems. MORE

Recently, an ominous rise in diabetes has paralleled the increase in Americans' waistlines.


Nurse Joyce Parks, now and then (at 300 pounds). "It doesn't feel real yet," says Parks, who still exercises five times a week to maintain her 135-pound weight loss.

Shifting Sands
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians has a new (old) way of running its group practice. MORE

Parking and a Whole Lot More
One satellite lot is providing monumental services. MORE


Spin Doctors
Hopkins surgeons enjoy music on the cutting edge. MORE


Contemplating the Future Campus
The new master plan pushes out the boundaries of Johns Hopkins' medical complex while compressing the core. MORE

Artful Balance
Pat Sullivan's world of creativity complements her work as a nurse. MORE

Keeping Threateners at Bay
Hopkins Hospital, University and Health System have set up a step-by-step protocol to prevent and deal with violence in the workplace. MORE


Have Medicine, Will Travel
Going on a sea cruise? Consult with the Hopkins Travel Medicine Clinic before you go. MORE

The Next Wave in LASIK
A new technique allows greater precision in laser eye surgery. MORE


Dome in Purple
Go Ravens! How do they bathe the dome in patriotic purple? MORE


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