Coretta Scott
King headlined
the Martin
Luther King Jr. Commemoration.

Working to Stay Clean
Tucked quietly inside Bayview's oldest building is a unique drug treatment program that's breaking the cycle of addiction and poverty.

If you want a job at Hopkins Data Services, you can count on one thing. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, you'll be escorted to the bathroom to give a urine sample under observation. No excuses. No exceptions. Test negative for cocaine use and you can get down to business. Test positive and you're on your way home -- until the next day, when you can come back and try again. MORE

"We took the people who were not being helped. Eighty-five percent were in the welfare system."

In 1996, Kenneth Silverman established the Center for Learning and Health at Bayview to investigate the inter-related problems of poverty and substance abuse. Four years later, he launched Hopkins Data Services, where Robin Bost, foreground, and Yvonne Reed are in the business of staying drug-free.

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