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Patient and Family Page

Though The DNA Diagnostic Lab is not a site specifically for patients or families, you can use our site to find some extra information about the conditions we test for, and about genetic testing in general.  


DNA Diagnostic Lab Resources

  On every test page, there are links to more information about the condition the test is for.  Sometimes there are two links and one of the links takes you to a website that has information more useful to patients and families.

Go to our Syndrome Search Page, find the condition you want to know more about, and click on the gene name on the right side of the table.  At the bottom of that test page, you will find the link to more information.


  We have a flier called "Things Every Patient Should Know Before Consenting to a Genetic Test".  This is a very brief list of things to consider before testing, but it may help you think of more things you want to ask your doctor.


  The brochure "Reasons for Genetic Testing" talks about some of the reasons your doctor or counselor might want to order genetic testing for you. 

This is a tri-fold brochure that will print out on 2 pages.  You can read the pages as-is, or place them back-to-back and fold them into a brochure.  


  The brochure "Understanding Your Gene Sequencing Result" walks you through some of the types of result that are possible after a gene sequencing test.  It includes information about how certain we are that gene changes cause disease.

This is a tri-fold brochure that will print out on 2 pages.  You can read them as-is, or place them back-to-back and fold them into a brochure.

The General Test Information page discusses some of the uses and limitations of genetic testing.

Please keep in mind that the information in these resources is often general, and may not apply to your particular case.  They may still be helpful as background information for you, introductions into the process of having a test or understanding results, or as ways to organize your questions for your health care provider. 


Other Resources

If these resources don't answer your questions, you can always ask your doctor, genetic counselor or other health care provider for more information!

If you need a genetics health care provider, these sites will help you locate one near you:

  • National Society of Genetic Counselors:  After you click the link to the left, choose Resource Link: Find a Genetic Counselor Near You.  You may also find some of the other information on this page helpful.  There are lists of frequently asked questions and definitions as well as a tool to help you create your family medical history.
  • GeneTests Clinic Directory:  Click the link to the left to search for a genetic clinic near you.  You can search by location or clinic specialty.