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We have updated our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) test panels to include deletion and duplication detection for every exon in each gene at no additional cost (see test panel pages for exceptions).  This analysis will be performed concurrently with sequence analysis and will detect single exon, multi-exon and full gene deletions/duplications.  In addition, we've packaged several of our single gene tests into phenotype-based panels.  

These changes have allowed us in many cases to reduce both fees and turn-around times

See a complete list of NGS panel-based tests


The DNA Diagnostic Laboratory is a non-profit, academic service lab established at Johns Hopkins in 1979.  We believe that when considering molecular genetic testing, the most important attribute of a clinical laboratory is commitment to diagnostic accuracy.  We fulfill this commitment through insistence on high quality data and comprehensive result interpretation. 

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Certification & Permits    

CLIA Certification
# 21D0692357    exp 8/7/2015  (PDF File of CLIA Certificate)
CAP Accreditation:  LAB #1353017  exp 09/14/2015  (PDF File of CAP Certificate)
MD State Permit   #557   exp 6/30/2015    (PDF File of MD Certificate)
NY State Permit   #4253   exp 6/30/2015  (PDF File of NY Certificate)
PA State Permit   #029028A   exp 8/15/2015  (PDF File of PA Certificate)

Proficiency Testing: Participant in CAP Surveys, Inter- and Intra-laboratory comparison challenges.