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Information for JHMI Referrers

Please visit the Tests page to see our test selection.

Quick Access to Forms

General Information

  • Johns Hopkins DNA Diagnostic Laboratory (DDL) tests can be ordered on the Johns Hopkins Path 3 form.
  • The general sample requirement is 6ml whole blood in lavender top EDTA tubes, but see our Sample Requirements for additional guidance.
  • Be sure to include the patient's ID#, the referrer's Hospital ID#, and the location ID# on the form.
  • To provide additional information, please complete a DDL requisition form (you do not need to include billing information if drawn on campus) and fax it to 410-955-0484 or send it along with the sample attached to the Path 3 form.
  • DDL tests are ordered by Pathology test code (download a list of DDL Test Codes) . Add the desired test code(s) to the Miscellaneous Procedure section of the form (bottom right).
  • If you need targeted testing for a known mutation or prenatal testing, please contact the lab directly to coordinate  at 410-955-0483.
  • Have the sample drawn in your area and taken to the Core Lab or have the patient report to Express Testing with the completed requisitions. Express Testing and the Core Lab will route the sample to the DDL.
  • If a sample is processed through the Core Lab, the Johns Hopkins DNA Diagnostic Laboratory is not involved in billing.
  • The prices provided on our web site apply to outside referrals and do not necessarily reflect what your patient will be charged.  If a sample is drawn in 'regulated space', Maryland law regulates the fees charged for laboratory services based on CPT codes, relative value units (RVUs), and the current RVU reimbursement rate. Neither the Johns Hopkins DNA Diagnostic Laboratory nor the Department of Pathology control the assigned RVUs or RVU rates. Please contact Pathology Customer Service  at 5-1921 to find out the current fee for a test. 

If the patient is uninsured, has a non-contracted insurance plan, or will be paying out of pocket for any other reason:

  • Have the patient sample drawn in non-regulated space to minimize out-of-pocket expense
  • Contact the Johns Hopkins DNA Diagnostic Laboratory for pricing information at 410-955-0483
  • Include credit card information or a check made out to Johns Hopkins University with the completed requisition form

Non-Regulated Draw Sites

East Baltimore Medical Center
1000 East Eager St., Suite 1001

Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratory
Greenspring Statio
10753 Falls Road, Suite 105

Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratory
White Marsh

4924 Campbell Blvd.; Suite 115

Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratory

1132 Annapolis Rd; Suite 102

Medical Pavilion at Howard County
10710 Charter Dr; Suite G040

Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratory Highlandtown (Baltimore Medical System Healthy Living Center)
3700 Fleet Street

Wyman Park Medical Center
3100 Wyman Park Drive, Suite 170A