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PLEASE NOTE: Informed consent from the patient is required prior to ordering a genetic test. The DNA Diagnostic Lab's consent is located on the second page of the requisition form. There is also a patient brochure, "Things Every Patient Should Know Before Consenting to a Genetic Test", available for download.

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Beta Globin Variants

Gene:    HBB (Beta globin)
Test:   Direct mutation analysis by PCR for Hb C, E, O-Arab, D-Punjab, or other KNOWN variant as specified by the referrer.
CPT Code:
Sensitivity:   Should be high
Cost:   $302 per individual blood sample 
(if testing for a known variant)
Turn Around Time:    2 to 3 weeks
Special Considerations:   We request hemoglobin electrophoresis & other relevant clinical confirmation with each sample.

This test is for molecular confirmation of a known beta globin variant. If the beta globin variant is unknown or has multiple possible subtypes, please order the beta globin complete gene sequencing test.

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