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Background and Structure
The Genetics Translational Technology Core (GTTC) is part of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at Johns Hopkins.  It was created to bridge the gap between clinical genetic testing and research-driven molecular technologies.

The GTTC is directed by Garry Cutting, MD.  It is organized into a technical advisory group, including several experts in molecular technologies, and a core laboratory directed by Steven J. Steinberg, PhD.   


Program Services
The GTTC can provide consultation to investigators regarding molecular technologies, study design, epidemiology, and clinical ramifications (informed consent and result reporting) of proposed projects.


The Process of Submitting Requests Through GTTC
Investigators should submit requests for consultation through the Connection Request System of the ICTR.  Once submitted, requests are assessed and assigned to a GTTC staff member, and the investigator will be contacted.   


Jennifer Cedeno
GTTC Administrative Liaison
Garry R. Cutting, MD
GTTC Director


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