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Welcome to Office of Diversity and Cultural Competence

Our Mission

The Office of Diversity Cultural Competency (ODCC) is dedicated to strategies and overseeing diversity and inclusion initiatives for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. We work to foster diversity in education, training, and professional development for our faculty, fellows, residents, students, and staff.

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is firmly committed to producing a diverse population of physicians. Supported by the Mission, Vision, and Core Value Statements of the School of Medicine, the Office of Diversity and Cultural Competence fully embraces all aspects of diversity. 


The vision of the Office of Diversity and Cultural Competence at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is to become an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected and where diversity and inclusion becomes "second nature"— embedded in all that we do and reflective in all the communities that we serve.

Why Diversity Matters

As a result of these rapidly changing demographics, there is a demand for physicians and other healthcare professionals to mirror and respond to an increasing multicultural patient-population. For more detailed diversity data, check out the 2010 U.S. Census and the American Medical Association's Diversity in the Physician Workforce: Facts and Figures 2010.

Studies show that minority physicians are more likely to treat culturally diverse patients and are more inclined to practice in underserved communities (rural as well as urban). There is growing evidence that indicate that when given the option to choose their own physicians, minority patients are more likely to choose someone of their own racial and ethnic background and generally are more satisfied with the care they receive from minority health care professionals.

Additional reading: Saha, S. et al. (2000) "Do Patients Choose Physicians of Their Own Race?" Health Affairs19(4): 76-83

Diversity is More Than What You See

Emphasis is placed in diversifying the School of Medicine as it pertains to specific racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic populations, but also LGBT persons, people with disabilities, differing perspectives and viewpoints, and women—all of which constitute our vision of diversity. If we do not ensure the success of all of these groups, then we will continue to see disparate health amongst our most vulnerable—disparities in education, training, leadership and management positions that will stifle our growth and hinder our ability to fully capitalize on the advantages that diversity brings.


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