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For Staff

We’re taking several approaches to make sure that our staff not only reflects the population at large, but also learns to respect the cultural differences that can affect health care.

Hiring the homeless

The Johns Hopkins Hospital often opens its employment doors to the homeless. As of 2009, the hospital had 65 employees who had lived in shelters. Read more here.

Educational opportunities for union employees

Two funds that are co-sponsored by The Johns Hopkins Hospital support educational programs to help union employees acquire job skills needed for retention and career advancement. Read more here.

Diversity awareness training

Several thousand employees a year receive diversity awareness training, either during new-staff orientation or in special educational sessions in their departments. In addition, managers and leaders take training modules to help them encourage diversity and inclusion in their supervisory roles.

Job training programs

The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System has several programs that improve job opportunities for employees and removes barriers to career advancement. The programs include:

  • Project REACH, which has used U.S. Department of Labor funds to train hundreds of Health System employees in lower-skilled positions for better-paying Hopkins careers
  • Skills Enhancement Program, in which about 500 employees a year receive free services such as skills assessment, academic counseling and tutorial instruction
  • Start on Success, which places Baltimore public school students with disabilities in internships at Hopkins Hospital
  • A mediation program for settling discrimination complaints confidentially and fairly.

In 2007 Hopkins received a Freedom to Compete award from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in recognition of its work in these programs.

What we are doing:

Diversity & Inclusion Stories

Down But Not Out

"Down But Not Out"

Hopkins opens employment doors for the homeless.

Diversity & Inclusion Stories

Diversity Scholars

"Diversity Scholars"

Board of Advisors Scholars are rewarded four-year scholarships that aim to increase diversity in the student body.