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Minorities Matter

Dome Volume 60 Number 1
February 2009
Minorities Matter

Over the past several years, as Johns Hopkins has stepped up efforts to create a more diverse workforce, several professional organizations have taken note. The latest accolades come from the National Institutes of Health, which recognized Hopkins for excellence in minority recruiting. Of the 17 training programs with outstanding records in minority recruiting listed on the NIH Web site, three are from Johns Hopkins.

David Nichols, the school of medicine’s vice dean for education, credits Bob Siliciano and the M.D./Ph.D. committee; Pierre Coulombe and the Cellular and Molecular Medicine faculty and staff; David Valle and the Human Genetics team; and Peter Maloney, associate dean for all graduate programs. “Their tireless efforts to increase the graduate programs’ diversity,” says Nichols, “have brought distinction to the entire school of medicine.”

George Dover

“We are leaders and we need to be a leader in diversity.”

-George Dover, Director
Department of

Edward Miller, CEO

“Research in corporate America shows that diverse teams—those with people of different races, genders, ages and ethnic or socioeconomic backgrounds—are more innovative and productive than homogenous ones, provided that each person’s contributions are sought out and included. That’s our challenge.”

-Edward Miller,
former dean/CEO