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Diversity & Inclusion Stories

Advancing diversity takes many forms: recruiting and retaining people from underrepresented groups, getting to the root of health care inequalities, and delivering health services to disadvantaged people, to name a few.

Below is a selection of stories from our publications that highlight such efforts at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Dale Keels

"Now I love learning for the
of learning." -Dale Keels

Learn more about the
educational opportunities in
"Making the Grade"

"A Walk in Their Shoes"
A resident's desire to better knows his patients leads physicians to the docks and shipyards of Baltimore.

"Into the Breach"
A new training program prepares young doctors to meet the challenging health needs of inner-city families.

"Making the Grade"
Unionized employees at The Johns Hopkins Hospital have taken advantage of programs that give them the job skills needed for retention and career advancement.

"Treating the Disease of Racism"
Johns Hopkins medical providers, students and community advocates talk frankly about health disparities and how to combat them.

"More Than Numbers"
The school of medicine reinvigorates a scholarship program aimed at increasing student diversity.

"Expanding the Boundaries of Care"
Through The Access Partnership, more uninsured and underinsured patients in East Baltimore are receiving care from Johns Hopkins specialists.

 "All The Right Hires" 
A new system in Environmental Services aims to improve staff retention.

"155 and Counting"
At a recent tribute to women professors at a celebratation of a milestone for the school of medicine.

"Special Delivery"
Hopkins eye specialists visit Iraq to help a group of children regain their sight with corneal transplants.

Disability Mentoring Day

Marcia England and her
mentee Velma Harris

Read more about Disability
Mentoring Day

"Disability Mentoring Day"
Hopkins Hospital plays host to job seekers with disabilities, who are matched with mentors from various departments.

"Down But Not Out"
Hopkins Hospital opens its employment doors to the homeless.

"Minorities Matter"
The National Institutes of Health recognize several Johns Hopkins research training programs for their minority recruiting efforts.

"Diversity Scholars" 
A scholarship program helps build diversity among the medical student body.

"Disparities and Diversity"
As associate dean for diversity and cultural competence, Brian Gibbs will put his social-change expertise to work in transforming Hopkins Medicine's culture

"The Journey of Jacob Puka"
A graduate of the Johns Hopkins nuclear medicine technology program was once one of the Lost Boys of Sudan.

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George Dover

“We are leaders and we need to be a leader in diversity.”

-George Dover, Director
Department of

Edward Miller, CEO

“Research in corporate America shows that diverse teams—those with people of different races, genders, ages and ethnic or socioeconomic backgrounds—are more innovative and productive than homogenous ones, provided that each person’s contributions are sought out and included. That’s our challenge.”

-Edward Miller,
former dean/CEO