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Selected Current Publications

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  • Rahdar, M., Inoue, T., Meyer T., Zhang, J., Vazquez, F., Devreotes, P.N.  2008  A phosphorylation-dependent intramolecular interaction regulates the membrane association and activity of the tumor suppressor PTEN.  PNAS 2009;106:480-485.  (PDF version)

  • Kamimura, Y. , Xiong, Y., Iglesias, P.A., Hoeler, O., Bolourani, P., and Devreotes, P.N.  2008 PIP(3)-Independent activation of TorC2 and PKB at the cell's leading edge mediates chemotaxis.  Curr. Bio. 18:1034-43. (PDF version)

  • Tang, L., Franca-Koh, J., Xiong, Y., Chen, M-Y., Long, Y., Bickford, R.M., Knecht, D.A., Iglesias, P.A., and Devreotes, P.N.  2007 Tsunami, the Dictyostelium homolog of the Fused kinase is required for polarization and chemotaxis.  Genes Dev 22:2278-2290. (PDF version)

  • Iglesias, P.A. and Devreotes, P.N.  2007  Navigating through models of chemotaxis.  Curr. Opin. Cell Bio., 20(1):25-40. (PDF version)

  • Sasaki, A.T., Janetopoulos, C., Lee, S., Charest, P.G., Takeda, K., Sundheimer, L.W., Meili, R., Devreotes, P.N., and Firtel, R.A.  2007 G protein-independent Ras/PI3K/F-actin circuit regulates basis cell motility.  J. Cell Bio. 178(2):185-191. (PDF version)

  • Chen, L., Iijima, M., Tang, M., Landree, M.A., Huang, Y.E., Xiong, Y., Iglesias, P.A., and Devreotes, P.N.  2007  PLA2 and PI3K/PTEN pathways act in parallel to mediate chemotaxis.  Dev. Cell 12(4):603-614. (PDF version)

  • Franca-Koh, J., Kamimura, Y., and Devreotes, P.N.  2006  Leading-edge research: PtdIns(3,4,5)P3 and directed migration.  Nat. Cell Biol. 9:15-17. (PDF version)

  • Somesh, B.P., Neffgen, C., Iijima, M., Devreotes, P.N., and Rivero-Crespo, F.R.  2006  Dictyostelium RacH regulates endocytic vesicular trafficking and is required for localization of vacuolin. Traffic 7:1194-1212. (PDF version)

  • Somesh, B.P., Vlahou, G., Iijima, M., Insall, R.H., Devreotes, P., and Rivero-Crespo, F.R.  2006  RacG regulates morphology, phagocytosis and chemotaxis.  Eukaryotic Cell 5:1648-1663. (PDF version)

  • Willard, S. and Devreotes, P.N. Signaling pathways mediating chemotaxis in the social amoebae, Dictyostelium discoideum.  2006  Eur. J. Cell Biol, 85:897-904. (PDF version)

  • Janetopoulos, C. and Devreotes, P.N.  Phosphoinositide signaling plays a key role in cytokinesis.  Minireview. J. Cell Biol. 174:485-490. (PDF version)

  • Zhao, M., Song, B., Pu, J., Wada, T., Reid, B., Tai, G., Wang, F., Guo, A., Walczysko, P., Sasaki, T., Suzuki, A., Forrester, J.V., Bourne, H.R., Devreotes, P.N., McCaig, C.D., and Penninger, J.M.  2006  Electrical signals control wound healing through phosphatidylinositol-3-OH kinase-gamma and PTEN.  Nature 442:457-460. (PDF version)

  • Vazquez, F. and Devreotes, P.N.  2006  Regulation of PTEN function as PIP3 gatekeeper through membrane interaction.  Cell Cycle 5:1523-1527. (PDF version)

  • Franca-Koh, J., Kamimura, Y., Devreotes, P.N.  2006  Chemotaxis and Dictyostelium.  Special issue on Cell Mobility and Morphogenesis in Development, section: Pattern Formation and Developmental Mechanisms.  Curr. Opin. Gen. Dev. 16:333-338. (PDF version)

  • Loovers, H.M., Postma, M., Keizer-Gunnink, I., Huang, Y.E., Devreotes, P.N., and van Haastert, P.J.M.  2006  Distinct roles of PI(3,4,5)P3 during chemoattractant signaling in Dictyostelium:  A quantitative in vivo analysis by inhibition of PI3-kinase.  Mol Biol Cell 17:1503-1513. (PDF version)

  • Vazquez, F., Matsuoka, S., Sellers, W.R., Yanagida, T., Ueda, M., and Devreotes, P.N.  Tumor suppressor PTEN acts through dynamic interaction with the plasma membrane.  PNAS 103:3633-3638. (PDF version)

  • Matsuoka, S., Ueda, M., Watanabe, T., Kuwayama, H., Devreotes, P.N., and Yanagida, T.   2005 Single-molecule analysis of chemoattractant-stimulated membrane recruitment of a PH-domain-containing protein. J Cell Sci 119:1071-1079. (PDF version)

  • Fache, S., Dalous, J., Engelund, M., Hansen, C., Chamaraux, F., Fourcade, B., Satre, M., Devreotes, P., and Bruckert, F.  2005  Calcium mobilization stimulates Dictyostelium discoideum shear-flow-induced cell motility.  J Cell Sci 118:3445-3457. (PDF version)

  • Janetopoulos, C., Borleis, J., Vazquez, F., Iijima, M., and Devreotes, P.N.  2005  Temporal and spatial regulation of phosphoinositide signaling mediates cytokinesis.  Dev. Cell 8:467-477. (PDF version)