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Laboratory Job Descriptions

1. Cell Room: Be responsible for entire operation of the culture room. For example, pass Ax3; keep room supplied; fix hemocytometers; keep temperature below 22; keep incubators, shakers, hood running; clean benches.

2. Large Equipment: Be responsible for the major items of equipment in the laboratory and identify delinquent individuals. For example oversee use of fluorimeter; incubators, hoods, vacuum pumps, centrifuges, rotors

3. Darkroom and Fine Equipment: Keep darkroom tanks filled. Be responsible for the fine equipment in the laboratory. Keep microfuges, vortexers, balances, pH meter working. Repair pipettors.

4. Budgeting and Ordering: Carry out all ordering and budgeting together with Peter.

5. Freezers and Refrigerators: Be responsible for the organization and functioning of the freezers and refrigerators. Assign spaces to people and know where everything is. Come into the laboratory if a freezer goes down in the middle of the night.

6. Computers: Be responsible for the smooth running of the shared computers. Set the rules about saving and downloading to prevent problems from developing. Suggest and install to hardware and software as needed. Enforce rules: 1) no downloads- 2) no eating; 3) no reconfiguring; 4) no saving.

7. Gel Room: Be responsible for gel room. Keep gel boxes, buffers, power supplies good state. Clean benches, fill water baths. Set rules for safe and responsible use of gel room and identify noncompliant individuals. This person also takes out hazardous trash from laboratory. Also removes hazardous trash from cell room and radioactive room when reminded by the individuals in charge.

8. Radioactive Room and Radiation Safety: Be responsible for safe use of radioactivity in laboratory. Carry out all of the necessary duties of the radiation safety officer.

9. Banks of Plasmids and Cell Lines: Maintain banks of plasmids and cell lines and make sure that relevant plasmids and cell lines are in the Dicty stock center. Be responsible for having maps and plasmids and cell lines used in lab and requested by other laboratories.

10. Imaging. Be responsible for microscopes, videos, digital camera for gels, etc.

11. Mice. Oversee handling of mice in the animal facility.  Maintain streamline colonies to minimize costs.


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