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Welcome to the Department of Cell Biology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. We have designed this site as a resource for members of the Department and our guests.

Members of the Department of Cell Biology are participating in a virtual revolution in cell and developmental biology. Advances in molecular biology, microscopy, and computing are making it possible to obtain high-resolution molecular structures and to record three-dimensional time-lapse video images of proteins in living cells and embryos. Scientists in the department are applying these approaches to elucidate the basic mechanisms of protein trafficking and secretion, organelle inheritance, cellular metabolism, cell polarity and motility, cell adhesion, and the organization of cells in tissues. These cell biological approaches are instrumental in sorting out the functions of the genes that comprise the human genome. These fundamental aspects of cellular and multicellular behavior underlie human embryonic development and adult physiology. An understanding of these processes enables new strategies for treatments of heart disease, aging disorders, cancer, and other human ailments.

***********NEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS*************


*Rebecca Fox and SeYeon Chung receive
K99 NIH Pathway to Independence Awards

*Vasudha Srivastava and Eliah Shamir receive 2012 Isaac Morris and Lucille Elizabeth Hay Graduate Fellowships

*Kevin Cheung awarded 1st Place for poster presentation

*Eliah Shamir awarded 1st Place for poster presentation

New Research Publications: (last posted 09/13)
Current Funding Opportunities

• In the News:

*Mayor’s Office officially named April 12, 2013
Ann Hubbard Day in the City of Baltimore

Updated: 9/10/13

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