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FAQs: Scheduling and Appointments

How do I make an appointment?

To schedule an appointment for a visit or for any test, call our Appointment Line at 443-276-6050. If our appointment schedulers are assisting other patients, your call will be taken by our call center, which will take a detailed message about the type of appointment you need to schedule.  We will return your call as soon as possible. In general, we will return your call within one day or sooner.

How long is the wait for an appointment?

For new patient visits and diagnostic testing appointments, we are able to accommodate most patients within a several day time frame or as otherwise requested by the referring doctor.

Follow-up visits are scheduled based on your cardiologist's instructions as to when he or she wants to see you again, and we schedule within your requested dates and times and your cardiologist's office schedule.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

If you are a new patient, if we have not seen you in over 6 months, or if you have information changes, we request that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will allow us to enter and/or update all of your personal and billing information in our computer system, scan a copy of your insurance card(s) and identification, and have you electronically sign any required forms. If you have been seen in our office recently and/or do not have any information changes, we request that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Please be sure to bring your insurance card, identification, and any required referrals to EVERY visit.

What if I can't keep my scheduled appointment?

Please notify us as soon as you know you will not be able to keep your appointment.  Short-notice cancellations and missed appointments or “no-shows” prevent us from offering the appointment to other patients wishing to be seen, particularly for testing slots.  Appointments cancelled two business days or less in advance (for example, on Thursday or Friday for a Monday appointment, on Monday or Tuesday for a Wednesday appointment, etc.) are considered “late” cancellations.  A frequent pattern of appointment cancellations and/or visit “no-shows” makes it impossible for our providers to provide appropriate continuity of care, and may result in a patient’s discharge from our care. 

For patients scheduled for nuclear stress tests, the radioisotope for your test is ordered specifically for you, and cannot be used for another patient.  The radioisotope can cost several hundred dollars, with the exact cost varying depending on the dose required by the particular patient.  This cost is not covered by your insurance when you cancel or are a no-show for your appointment.  Therefore, patients who do not cancel at least three business days in advance are subject to a $200.00 cancellation fee for the radioisotope dose, which must be paid before the test is rescheduled. 

     For all other testing appointments, such as treadmill stress tests, echo, stress echo, and vascular studies, patients who do not cancel at least three business days in advance are subject to a $50.00 testing cancellation fee, which must be paid before the test is rescheduled.