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How we can help

Connecting people

Because of our decentralized structure at Hopkins, we have many pockets of excellence throughout numerous divisions and departments. As a result, our team can help bring the right people together:

  • For external organizations, our team is here to help you connect with the precise leaders and key experts at Hopkins who will move your initiative forward.
  • For faculty members and researchers within Hopkins, we can help you explore opportunities and connect you with the right business partners.

Facilitating access to people and projects

We will work with you to ease the process of partnering with Hopkins. We do this by:

  • initiating and participating in meetings with key faculty and leadership,
  • developing business models,
  • guiding the development of formal agreements and contracts,
  • serving as a liaison with key departments and divisions at Hopkins.

Pursuing and assisting with business opportunities

Our team actively pursues relationships and projects that will create value and translate into high-impact programs in the marketplace. Working with both Hopkins experts and the business community, we identify and pursue initiatives that make good business sense while fulfilling the mission of Johns Hopkins Medicine.