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Yoga and meditation

A Series of Three Meditation Videos

Yoga and meditation may promote many health benefits, such as reducing fatigue and stress. That's especially true for cancer survivors, patients actively in treatment or receiving palliative care, and caregivers.

This series of three guided meditations leads us from the externally focused activity of the everyday world to a state of internally centered awareness. You may want to take them in order. Led by Claudia Simpson, yoga therapist.

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Centering Meditation

Here, we can be fully present in the moment and relate to our self with compassion and care.

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Peaceful Breathing

Meditating on the breath is a time-honored way to calm the body and quiet the mind. During this guided meditation, we find ourselves relaxing into life in the present moment and letting go of concerns.

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation to induce full-body relaxation and deep rest. It helps quiet the overactive mind and brings it into a conscious, meditative state.

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