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Clinical Trials

It’s important that you have available to you as many treatment options as possible. At the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, we lead and participate in dozens of clinical trials, allowing our team of breast cancer specialists to offer patients more innovative treatment options. The clinical trials being conducted today may become the new standard of care in the coming years.

Dr. Ben Ho Park and other researchers are dedicated to improving the
Dr. Ben Ho Park and other researchers are dedicated
to improving the lives of women with breast cancer.

Why are clinical trials so important?

In some cases these clinical trials are very new and the medical field is still learning about all of their benefits and value. If you are asked to participate in such a trial you are paving the way for the development of innovative research that will make an important impact on women who are diagnosed with breast cancer in the future.

How will being part of a clinical trial affect my treatment?

You will be closely monitored throughout the treatment process so that data can be collected about your experience with the treatment you have been given. You also might be asked to participate in a study that has proven to be very beneficial for treating breast cancer, and now researchers are testing different dosages and frequencies to determine how best to treat you and other patients in the future. These new discoveries not only benefit you today but will make a big difference in how many lives we save from breast cancer in the future.

Find a Clinical Trial

Search for breast cancer clinical trials at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center’s website. After you click through to the site, scroll down to search by adult cancer type. Select “breast” on the dropdown menu to view current trials.


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