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Kids Rocking Breast Cancer 2008

Over the December 2008 holidays, a 3rd grade home schooled religious education group from Saint Joseph's Catholic Communities raised funds for the Johns Hopkins Breast Center. The children diligently created prayer rocks, stuffed them in cute bags, with an attached prayer, and gave them out to anyone donating any monies for the cause. The group nicknamed themselves, "Kids Rocking Breast Cancer." In addition, they, along with another 5th grade home schooled group, caroled for the holidays in the Hawk Ridge neighborhood, again giving out prayer rocks as a "thank you for your donation."

A fake check for $600.00 being presented at the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center.
A fake check for $600.00 being presented at the
Johns Hopkins Breast Center.

The Children raised a total of $600.00 dollars and presented the check to the Johns Hopkins Breast Center on January 25th, 2008.

From left to right and bottom to top, the names are as follows:
Bottom: Matthew Schuler, Collin Martin, and Adam Leitner,
Middle: Michael Schuler, Jacob Leitner, Sean Renehan, Lauren Martin, Natalie Flynn, Lillie Shockney
3rd row: Patrick Leitner, Brad Schuler, Katie Martin
Back Row: Allison Schuler, Debi Stewart, Kristie Clough, Kyle Terrell, and Beth Martin.
Missing: Jamison Gomsak, Gavin Gomsak, Michael Carr, Alex Carr, Jake Ihaz, and Annie Brinkman

If you have any questions, you can reach me on my Cell at 410-206-8616, thank you so much, Allison Schuler


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