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To obtain access to the area in which your animals are housed:

  1. Make sure you are included on the Animal Care and Use protocol. If not, ask your PI to add you by submitting a change in personnel amendment request form to the ACUC.
  2. Obtain and complete the appropriate facility access request form. These can also be found outside the RAR office (Ross 459).
  3. Complete the Required Training
    1. MRB training is offered every Thursday. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER. Just show up at the BRB ground floor fountain at 9:30am. You will also need to view the two powerpoints:
    2. Transitions to Automatic Water Tutorial
    3. Working with Animals in the Hood
    4. Ross 3 and 5 hands-on training is given every Mon. and Wed. at 10am in Ross 334S (accessible through the service corridoor only). No need to pre-register.
    5. Other buildings: no regular schedule, please contact RAR to schedule.  

  4. Submit the completed form to the ACUC at Reed Hall.  You will then need to submit the form to Cliff Summers at 2024 E. Monument St. B-1100.  Place the completed form in the folder on the door. RAR has no control over the speed with which facilities implements access requests. It may take several days.