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Rodent Lab Cleanup

High Risk Housing

The high risk rodent facilities are reserved for laboratories that have a scientific need and IACUC approval to use rodents in the laboratory and return them to the housing facility. This return to the animal facility is approvable only if there is no overnight housing in the laboratory. The risk of contamination is much greater at night because of the nightime activity of feral rodents that may have infections such as mouse hepatitis virus (MHV). 

Review and approval of lab space is REQUIRED prior to housing mice in RAR high risk return (HRR) housing. HRR housing is currently located in Ross 3, and there are also HRR racks available in School of Public Health, Woods Wilmer, CRB, asthma & allergy and Homewood. If you have questions or concerns regarding use of high risk return areas, please contact  Lindsay Barnes.

Please Note:

There is no high risk housing in MRB because MRB is reserved for animals that are housed and used solely in MRB. There is no in-and-out housing in MRB. Animals housed in high risk areas in other facilities are not eligible to move directly to housing in MRB.

However they may be moved after additional testing to ensure freedom from contamination, Please contact Julie Watson for more information.