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Pinworm Sample Submission

A. Tape test for Syphacia pinworms

  1. Take a piece of CLEAR, TRANSPARENT (not semiopaque or "Magicä") tape approx 1" long and apply firmly over the anus for each rat/mouse.
  2. Apply tape (sticky side down) onto microscope slide
  3. Label slide and cage so as to link slide with animal/cage
  4. Label slide holder with PI, Building, room # and rack (where appropriate), date, and # of cages and a contact tel # and email
  6. Call (4-1951) to notify slides are coming
  7. Leave slides in Ross 454 on counter to right as you enter clearly marked for PINWORM testing

B. Fecal flotation for Aspiculuris pinworms

  1. Collect a fresh fecal sample from each animal (pool multiple samples from one cage into one container, use a separate container for each cage) and label appropriately.
  2. Leave containers as noted above for Syphacia


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