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Obtaining Drugs for Research Use

Research Animal Resources does not provide or sell any drugs (anesthetics, antibiotics, analgesics, etc.) for research protocols. However there are other options for obtaining drugs for research use: 

  • Human drugs can be purchased from the hospital pharmacy (410-955-6592).
  • Isoflurane can be purchased from the Materials and Distribution Center (410-550-1213). A form must be filled out and faxed to the them to obtain the order. For guidance, please see a completed example form.
  • Veterinary specific drugs, such as Baytril, Telazol, xylazine, etc. can be purchased from a variety of veterinary distributors. The companies listed below have the license on file from the institutional attending veterinarian, and you may purchase drugs for research use.
  • Delivery. When placing orders, request that the drugs be delivered directly to your lab.  If the company will only deliver to the address on the veterinary license, you MUST contact Jacqueline Gwynn AND Melanie Albano to let them know to expect a delivery to either Ross 450 or Ross 459.  Any deliveries we receive that we do not expect will be returned.
  • Payment. You must pay directly via a credit card or purchase order.  You cannot use a budget number and RAR is unable to pay the bill and charge it to your budget number.
  • Controlled drugs require a research license for purchase.  Further information on obtaining this license is provided below.  Please note it is a multi-step procedure and may take some time.
  • For questions, contact Dr Caroline Garrett or Melanie Albano.

Veterinary Distributors

MWI (1-800-824-3703) account #56333

Penn Vet (1-800-548-4490) account # 27120 

Currently Penn Vet is not delivering legend drugs (prescription medication) to Maryland. 

Obtaining Controlled Drugs

You must have your own state and federal research DEA licenses to order controlled drugs.  Some drugs can be purchased from the controlled drug pharmacy through the Hopkins pharmacy (410-614-8822).  Veterinary specific controlled drugs (ketamine, Telazol) can be purchased from the veterinary distributors listed above using the veterinary license on file but you must have your own DEA license.

State DEA:

Maryland requires you to complete a research questionnaire. If you need help answering any of the questions, such as what you will do with expired drugs, please contact Melanie Albano. One option is to answer 'Steri-cycle'. That is the company the hospital uses but you must set up your own account with them if you choose to use this method.  Here is the Application Form for the State DEA License

Instructions for filling out the application can be found HERE

Maryland State Department of Health and Hygiene
Location: Division of Drug Control
4201 Patterson Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: (410) 764-2890

Federal DEA:

Federal DEA application

United States Drug Enforcement Agency
Location: 600 Army Navy Dr.
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: (202) 307-8903


Page updated 8/2015